About Us

Hey there, I'm Katie,



After years of 'trying to find myself', longing for love, and generally a Queen fixer, pleaser & rescuer to all. I hit what I like to call my quarter life crisis!

It was time to stop living & existing soley to 'please'. What did I really want? Well. I did find myself. And I realised I was there all along. Just as you are.

Within 90 days, I now guide women to step into their truth so they can actualize their potential and solidify their Identity & Independence like I did.

Let me guide you to where your real freedom actually lives!

Why choose to LEAD?


Why choose the journey from Unworthy Pleaser to Decisive Leader?

Without a real sense of Identity, Independence & Connection, life just happens right?... {and not in a good way}.

You wind up feeling drained, unfulfilled, and lost sometimes.

The Decisive Leader knows what she wants. She believes, chooses, achieves, stays connected; and has huge amounts of self worth & respect!


Meet Our Network...


Passionate. Go-Getting. Brene Brown lovers. And never far away from a brand spanking new notepad!


Branch Manager


Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Coordinator


 English Teacher & Disadvantaged Learner Lead

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